About Moi!
*~Just Some Random Facts On Yours Truely~*

The Basics....
Name: Lauren Anne Bergholm

Nicknames: Lawlen, Bergs, Baby, Crack Ho..etc ;)

Age: 24
DOB: 10/12/79
Height- 5'8”
Birthplace: Chatham, NJ
Current Location: Bumf*ck, RI
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown

Zodiac Sign: Libra
Bite your nails: Naw
One thing you're obsessed with: HARRY POTTER!

Your thoughts first waking up: Wah! Not Yet! Sleepy!

Your best physical feature: Erm….I dunno, my smile?

Your bedtime: Usually 12:30am

Your most missed memory: I don't get this question, if it's a missing memory, how can I remember what it was? :P I suppose it's probably where I last left my hair brush… * hee hee *

Pepsi or Coke: Diet Coke, but I'll take a diet pepsi too….

McDonald's or Burger King: McDonalds! I am indeed lovin it.

Adidas or Nike: Neither, New Balance or Mephistos for me!

Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Whatever..fresh brewed is best!

Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough!

Cappuccino or coffee: Caramel Latte Extra Extra from Dunkin Ds… If you can still taste the coffee, you don't have enough sugar yet.

Smoke: Ew. Not for me, and not anywhere near me, thanks.

Cuss: Like a Sailor!

Sing: Badly, yet frequently, esp in the car

Take a shower everyday: Naw..mesa dirty bird ;)

Have a crush(es): Yep!

Do you think you've been in love: Still am, and it's not “think” it's “know”

Want to go to college: Been there done that, want to do it again!

Like(d) high school: Eh, not so much, twas okay. College kicked it's ass.

Want to get married: Already am! ;)

Believe in yourself: If not me then who?

Get motion sickness: Sometimes.

Think you're attractive: Sometimes.

Think you're a health freak: HA HA! *chokes on her jumbo chocochip cookie*

Get along with your parent(s): Yes yes

Like thunderstorms: LOVE!

In the past month...

Drank alcohol: Nope.

Smoked: Nope.

Done a drug: Only the ones I'm perscribed thanx

Had Sex: Hells Yes!

Made Out: Hells Yes!

Gone on a date: Hells Yes!

Gone to the mall?: Of course

Eaten an entire box of Oreos: I ate a packet of Oreos, does that count?

Eaten sushi: YUM! Yes!

Been dumped: No sir.

Made homemade cookies: Does Pilsbury count?

Been caught "doing something": My that's vague…I'm going to have to say yes I suppose..I get caught doing a lot of things…

Been called a tease: Heehee! ;)